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Get YOUR copy of IN THE LONG RUN: Stories Written From The Road… NOW up on Amazon!

May 24, 2016 at 5:48 pm



And the ebook is readable on any device – just get the Kindle app – it’s free!

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Be one of the first to get an entertaining and perhaps even inspirational and life-transformational book – the first of two books about my two-year journey on motorscooter Melawend to promote friendship and communication. Just imagine the adventures and life-transformational growth that came from that! Hard-won lessons that might help you on you and your loved ones’ continuing journey through life.

I think you’ll like it and will get good things out of the story for your own life.

IN THE LONG RUN: Stories Written From The Road comprises the 18 stories I wrote for my hometown newspaper during that two-year trip – but you will get them all at once! The book also contains 51 color photos!

Of the consumate book – IN THE LONG RUN: A Hopeful World Odyssey – also coming to Amazon! – I’ve been blessed with some great reader reviews, including this hand-written blurb I received…

“My two trips by bike were amazing and life-changing, but short compared to Tom’s two-year travelling extravaganza! One Man, One Scooter, One Hell of a Ride!”
~ Ewan McGregor, actor, humanitarian, co-author of Long Way Round and Long Way Down

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And check out the website based on the journey: http://www.melawend.com

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