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The first ITLR book can be yours soon! And for a limited time – for FREE!

August 4, 2015 at 8:53 pm

Hi dear friends!

Here is a pre-Pre-Launch announcement… *drum roll, please*… With current planning, IN THE LONG RUN: Stories Written From The Road – the ebook – will be released via AMAZON in early JUNE!

3D - stack with standing front and back copies - longrun3D-4

This is the series of stories I wrote for a newspaper in real time during those two life-transformational years. Readers of the newspaper had to wait two years to get all the stories – you will get them all at once!

This book serves as a companion book to the much larger and more personal main book – IN THE LONG RUN: A Hopeful World Odyssey.

Here is what EWAN McGREGOR had to say about the main book:
“My two trips by bike were amazing and life changing, but short compared to Tom’s two-year traveling extravaganza! One Man, One Scooter, One Hell of a Ride!”

And here is what living legend in Photography DOUGLAS KIRKLAND said about my photography and the main book I wrote about the journey:

“In The Long Run is really exciting! After reading it, the words “He’s a modern Marco Polo” came to mind. Tom boldly created and carried out this challenging project in part to improve his photography – he achieved some excellent results.”

You can read more reviews here: http://www.melawend.com/about-itlr/

BONUS! During the FIRST TWO DAYS OF THE LAUNCH… you will be able to GET THE BOOK – for FREE!

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Cheers to you and yours for your HAPPIEST EASTER yet!