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Available to you for FREE for a limited time!… starting Saturday, May 28!

May 1, 2016 at 6:30 pm

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! it REALLY IS COMING… FINALLY!… to Amazon Kindle… TO YOUR EBOOK READER… for FREE!… on Saturday, MAY 28!… for a limited time!

…the first of the two books about a life-transformational two-year journey around the world, solo, on motorscooter Melawend!

IN THE LONG RUN: Stories Written From The Road

With this book, you get the complete series of real-time reports – 18 feature stories I wrote from the road for the readers of my hometown newspaper during that life-changing journey. The folks back home got them periodically over two years – but you will get them all… right away!

“One Man, One Scooter, One Hell of a Ride!” ~ Ewan McGregor3D - stack with standing front and back copies - longrun3D-4