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January 4, 2015 at 6:51 pm

Jackie combined ITLR cover photo a

Hi dear friends! 

Happy 2015!  I hope this year becomes your best one yet!

I believe the story of my two-year journey around the world on motorscooter Melawend to promote friendship and communication – what became a profound education in the world and the self – will be of help to you on your continuing odyssey through life, including…

  • Getting clarity and certainty about what you want in life;
  • Passionately and proactively pursuing your dreams, come what may;
  • Overcoming personal limitations;
  • Creating win/win solutions with others.  The process of helping others get what they need often helps you in getting what you need;
  • Developing positive, mutually beneficial relationships and strengthening existing ones; and
  • Finding and developing new opportunities to enhance your life and those you love.

Stay with me for further developments!

Cheers to you and your loved ones!