From Murray Andrews – A Poem of the Odyssey

In the Long Run – The Long Run Home

Here’s to a man with a common name
And deeds not so common you see
For he embarked on a journey
When adventure did call
That same thing that calls you and me.

True to the cloth of his spirit’s dream
And a scooter named Melawend
He captured a nation’s imagination
Like flint his face set in the wind

If Tom only knew it was I
Who sat on his motorized steed
And it was I who slept out at night
Beneath strange stars clear and bright
To satisfy some long lost need.

Within the haunted hollows of his heart
I found myself living there
It was I who kissed the pretty girls.
And lost my senses in their perfumed hair

In the long run an odyssey
For me in my wheelchair
Hope almost gone and ambition dead
I got caught up in Tom Smith’s lair

He brought the world together for me
And placed it in my small room
And as I lost myself in Tom’s adventures
Little shoots from my heart did bloom

So I stood me up and took me a step
From that old lone prison wheelchair
And me legs did shake and quiver some
I kept imagining Melawend – and I was there!

When the pain hit I lifted my heart
And felt the powerful force of a wind
And I stepped clear out of my body there
As I straddled old Melawend

And Tom gave a cheer from a place inside me
Where giants and heroes once again came to live
And I was healthy and free as a bird in flight
As Melawend gave me all she could give

So, this poem’s for a man and his readers who come
To read and live anew
And get caught up by a silly old scooter
And ride off on dreams come true

For people like me we just waste away
And wear out those who care
Broken in spirit, body, and mind
We are bound to a mental wheel chair

That is, until people like Tom
Perhaps trying to outrun their own pain
Gets a wild hair to brave the world
And brings people like me home to love again.

© 2004 Murray Andrews (THEPOETSKISS)  All rights reserved.
Printed here with permission of the author.

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Murray Andrews - THEPOETKISS

Murray Andrews – THEPOETKISS

Wow! What a wonderful poem, Murray! Thank you indeed!

You do have spirit, Murray, and despite adverse challenges, a real passion for life. Thank you for sharing.

Update: Monday, January 10, 2005: Murray died today.

Murray Andrews, aged 58, died much too suddenly on Monday, January 10, 2005. Murray was born in Southern Ohio, and was a self made entrepreneur, an accomplished author, musician, poet, herbalist, civil rights advocate, and retired massage therapist. Murray was a deeply spiritual man, who loved God and loved life. Murray was a Baptist Minister in his younger years and owned his own church. He graduated from a popular Bible College with a 4 year degree. He served his country as a serviceman in Vietnam and every single day of his life. He fought for his life and his family until his death. He proudly stood for justice and freedom. He was a dreamer who loved books and studies. He was loved beyond measure.

Murray is survived by his wife of 31 years, Ramona L. Andrews; his custodial grandson, Nicholas C. Andrews of Grand Rapids; his daughter, Caren N. Robinson, and her husband, Ricardo “Rick” A. Robinson . . .; his son, Jesse J. Andrews . . .; and his daughter Anna Maria Lynn (deceased). Murray (aka “Papa” or “Santa”) is also survived by his three other grandchildren, Mary-Elizabeth, Kane, and Benjamin Robinson.

Thank you for being, Murray.

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MELAWEND – My Amazing Honda Elite 250 Motorscooter

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